So it’s taken me nearly two years to write my first entry. I had envisioned so many scenarios in my head of how I will write and what I will write about in the first blog. I thought maybe writing while on holiday would be the most ideal, as I was away from the hustle and bustle of work life, and therefore able to focus entirely on myself and this project. However, my two week holiday in Fiji in the summer turned into ONLY 3 days of relaxation, and the rest: work and spending time with family.

During my two years of procrastination I have travelled a few places and taken photos of the exact location I was in while writing some parts of this blog. You will notice my love for travelling so be warned. I will most likely post up random places and maybe even do a blog on some of my favourite travel destinations.

I have been encouraged to write a blog about my experiences and how God has played a vital part in my journey thus far.  However, I wasn’t exactly sure how or where to begin. Like I said it’s taken me almost two years to complete my first blog post! Nevertheless, I made it my goal for 2017 to finish and publish it, in the hope that it will help and encourage someone who might be going through similar experiences.

I am a woman with a love for God with a bunch of experiences to share. This blog will be filled with my life experiences, my love for travelling and food, adventures with family and friends and basically things that make me who I am. I believe life is so much more meaningful when we live it to our fullest potential!! I hope My Imela inspires you to trust God and his plan for your life. Live and learn! Always live life to your maximum potential.

Love and blessings….Lota 🙂 (June 2017)

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